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If you are looking for a web hosting provider, and not sure which one is right for you then use our top10 list, host comparison chart, and customer reviews to make your decision. Our scoring system is based on customer reviews and other important factors required when choosing a web host like ease-of-use, uptime, support, and cost. View our Best 10 web hosting list below:

Top Ranked Canada Web Host For July - Just Host

"The last hosting plan you will ever need" – this is the slogan used by our top rated web host for July, JustHost! JustHost has quickly become a customer’s favourite in the web hosting industry largely due to their unlimited resources hosting plan, and approach which means giving the customer everything they could possibly ask for in a shared hosting plan including free domain for LIFE and ANYTIME money back guarantee. Nowadays hosts have to back up their high specification with solid support and good reliability and uptime and it seems JustHost have it all. JustHost now host over 150,000 websites and growing at over 15,000 new customers a month making them the fastest growing web host in the world. Read Customer Reviews

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So who are we and how do we know so much about website hosting? Well unlike other web hosting review websites, our list is actually ranked mainly on customer reviews and experiences so we let the customers decide who’s the best hosts around. We also monitor each web host and include our own web master reviews which you can view by clicking on the host review pages. So if you are new to hosting and looking for a web host or if you just want to switch host our reviews should be easy to follow and make sure you find the best web hosting company to suit your hosting needs.

Our top10 table and customer reviews are regularly updated, so read all our reviews and we welcome any reviews you would like to submit about your hosting experiences.

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Hosting Information

What is Web Hosting?
Web Hosting is the service of making a web page viewable to other people on the internet. There are several different options for customers as to how they get their website hosted. Read Info

How does paid Web Hosting Work?
There are three different ways in which you can get paid web hosting. The cheapest and most common method is through shared hosting, which means your site is hosted along with many others, all on the same sever. Read Info

Is it possible to host my website from home?
It is possible to host your website from home, but not recommended, as there are several problems... Read Info

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Web Hosting Resource Center

How much does web hosting cost?
Prices can vary, but web hosting is surprisingly affordable. Shared web hosting, the most common type, is also the cheapest - as the hosting company are able to store many sites all on the same server, cutting the costs for them... Read Info

Which web hosting company should I use?
There are two major factors that you should consider when selecting a company to host your website, and these are the amount of disk space you will have available, and your maximum monthly bandwidth limit... Read Info

Whats the next step after I have choosen a web hosting site?
After choosing a web hosting provider you should select one of their packages, and then open an account with the company. The majority of people pay for their web hosting on a monthly basis, though discounts are sometimes offered if you pay for a year in advance... Read Info

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